Tapadh leibh airson beatha a thoirt dhuinn

Tapadh leibh airson beatha a thoirt dhuinn agus tapadh leibh airson latha math

Thank you for giving us a life and thank you for a really good day!

One of my greatest pleasures in life is to have my children accompany me out onto the hill.

Their keenness, never ending questions and razor sharp wit all adds to a day filled with laughter, groans and great craic.

I have four girls, my eldest is now 17 years old and we have shared many days out on the hill. She now much prefers the social gathering of a walked up woodcock or pheasant day where one can be treated a bit more like a guest.

My twin girls of 12 are still very keen to accompany dad on the hill in search of the perfect stalk from the high tops. It’s a joy to hear the endless questions as they meticulously scrutinise each beast in a herd and look back at me to hear my approval of their detailed “analysis”. Their compassion toward a culled beast never fails to warm ones heart as they study every part of that animal and often ask “we culled the right one didn’t we Dad?”.

I have always gone to lengths to explain the different traditions around the world to show your respect for a hunted animal, the twins now have their own little tradition.

Hopefully my youngest of 18 months will follow in the footsteps of here older siblings, she certainly has the eagerness to be outdoors, throwing on her wellies (usually on the wrong feet) and escaping at every opportunity to follow her sisters out the door, I can foresee another 15 years of good fun and craic on the hill!